Visual Literacy Workshop May 2, 2011

Workshop Agenda

Event Name Date & Time Instructors/Speakers & CEUs
Visual Literacy for Photograph Collections #1141 Mon, May 02, 2011
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Nicolette A. Bromberg

General CEU Credits: 0.75
Archival Recertification Credits-ARCs: 5

Workshop Description

This workshop provides methods to gain information from photographs and to understand how this information can be applied in a practical manner to help manage, arrange, and describe collections more effectively and for researchers to extract information. If you’ve attended SAA’s “Understanding Photographs” workshop, this is your next step! This workshop adds more concepts that are important for understanding the intellectual and physical nature of photographs. Incorporating these concepts into daily practice can have practical and economical benefit for the archivist and provide better service to the researcher. Learn to understand the photograph as artifact,visual literacy, and their application to photograph collection management and research uses.

Upon completing this workshop, you’ll:

  • Have examined visual literacy in-depth and learned to apply this information in practice always to arrange and describe photograph collections;
  • Know about the importance of the concept of object and image in collection management and the difference between physical order and intellectual order;
  • Comprehend the intellectual and social nature of photographs;
  • Understand the photographic messages, the complex collective life of photographs, and how the photographic information can be obscured or changed over time; and
  • Be able to apply this knowledge to managing photo collections to save time and money.

Who should attend?Archivists or others who work with photograph collections and researchers wishing to understand more about finding information contained in photographs. Archivists or others who want to build on the knowledge gained from the introductory SAA “Understanding Photographs” workshop.

Attendance limited to 30.


When asked “what aspect of the workshop was most valuable to you?” Participant responses included:

  • “Instructor’s expertise and enthusiasm made the materials even more effective.”
  • “Book with information I can use and further study.”
  • “Passing around actual samples.”
  • “Combination of intelligent teaching with fun exercises where we attempted to apply what we learned.”
  • “Excellent information, fast paced, good visuals with good comments.”
  • “Discussion on arrangement – reassembly of disarranged collection – by provenance.”
  • “Information on the social information contained in photographs – not something I have encountered before.”
  • “Various ways photographic information can be manipulated and how this demands great care in evaluation and description.”
  • “Basic enough for the beginner to learn a great deal of valuable / useful skills.”


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