March 18th: American Theatre Archive Project

The American Theatre Archive Project (ATAP), an initiative of the American Society for Theatre Research, was established in 2009 to assist active theatre companies in preserving their legacy. Deploying regional teams composed of archivists, dramaturgs, and scholars throughout North America, ATAP is developing a network of resources and community of practice around theatre archives. ATAP is also creating guidelines and workshops for archivists and information professionals who may be interested in working with a team, but who may not have experience with performing arts records.

Helice Koffler, chair of the ATAP Northwest team (whose membership currently encompasses the Seattle-Tacoma area and parts of Oregon), will provide an introduction to ATAP and its work with archivists, theatre practitioners, and repositories to promote the preservation of America’s theatrical history. She will discuss the ATAP Initiation Program, as well as some local projects that have encouraged collecting institutions to develop relationships with active theatre companies.

Our gracious hosts, Marian Thrasher, Librarian, Seattle Theatre Group Historic Theatres Library, and M. Lynn Thrasher, Historian, Seattle Theatre Group, will talk about the development of the Historic Theatres Library, which opened formally in March 2012, and the history of the Paramount Theatre.

Please RSVP to by March 14th. If you are already registered to attend, the address is 911 Pine Street – 4th floor – Library.  Please press the key pad to enter and check in with the receptionist before going upstairs to the conference room.

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