Society of American Archivists requests case studies

The Society of American Archivist’s Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) is requesting submissions of Case Studies for the SAA Code of Ethics. Please see the details, including a submission form link and contact information, below:

After the Society of American Archivists (SAA) adopted the Core Values Statement and Code of Ethics (Approved by the SAA Council May 2011) and Code of Ethics for Archivists (Approved by the SAA Council February 2005; revised January 2012) it recognized a need to provide examples to promote their understanding and utilization in both educational and real environments.  So the SAA Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) is reaching out to you to submit case studies that address the various issues addressed in the Code of Ethics.  Please consider submitting a case study covering one or more of the codes.  You will find the submission form at: Links to two case study examples are available at the bottom of the webpage. If you have an idea for a case study and would like feedback prior to writing it, feel free to contact CEPC Chair Nancy Freeman at or 773-508-8432.


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