Archives Astrological Signs

Our November newsletter went out; and I missed a formatting error that cut-out the fun part! So here it is, corrected!

Courtesy of the US National Archives 

Read on to find out what your star sign says about you and what your archival format would be!

ARIES: Database
– tendency to sprawl
– knows a lot about niche topics
– sometimes hard to understand
TAURUS 🐂: Cotton rag paper
– basic but in a good way
– well liked
– into recycling
GEMINI 👯‍♀️: Stereoscopic Print
– the fun one
– loves gifs
– good at seeing things from different perspectives
CANCER 🦀: Email
– gets business done
– shares a lot of cat videos
– tends to repeat themselves
LEO 🦁: Blueprint
– pretty and knows it
– kinda retro
– likes to take up the whole table
VIRGO: Audio Minicassette
– cute
– so cute
– a little sneaky but doesn’t lie

LIBRA ⚖️: Negative Photostat
– faithful to their origins
– not super flexible
– does not care at all what you think

SCORPIO 🦂: Artifact
– contains multitudes
– tells great stories
– only opens up once you really get to know them

SAGITTARIUS 🏹: Wood Pulp Paper
– versatile
– smells great
– might fall apart at any time

CAPRICORN 🐐: Glass Plate Negative
– beautiful
– fragile
– if you mess with them they will cut you

AQUARIUS 🌊: Nitrate Film
– did some great work
– tendency to blow up
– keeps turning the thermostat down

PISCES 🐟: Parchment
– old soul
– romantic
– tougher than they look