Changes to Sound Archivist

The Steering Committee is pleased to announce a change to how we publish news and articles. Currently, we send out a monthly newsblast, which primarily features events and jobs, and a bi-annual newsletter, which features articles. As of December 1st, they will be merged.

This means every month you will now receive the Sound Archivist news and there will no longer be a bi-annual newsletter. This includes the bi-annual due out tomorrow – all submitted content will show up in the first new format on December 1st. It also means you can still submit material for the December issue.

Why the change? Primarily because content is too light for each on its own but by merging them, it will provide more substantial content on a regular basis, including but not limited to jobs, events, and articles. The change will also remove deadlines, any perceived pressure to submit, and all the associated reminders because you can submit whenever you have something you’d like to share and it will be shared the very next issue.

The Sound Archivist will go out on the 1st of every month, starting December 2019. We encourage everyone to submit at any time, whether it’s a job or volunteer opportunity, an event or event review, updates about your organization such as new tools and/or new collections, book reviews, think pieces, and everything in between that might touch on our field and interests. Pictures are always welcome and encouraged. Email