Call for Content for SeArch Newsletter:

New Feature: Snapshots!

Snapshots is an easy, low-effort, low time-investment way to share with others in our field . Simply email us 1-2 pictures from your day as an information professional with a brief caption!

Join in on the fun, see and share a moment in time in the day of an archivist! No limits – images can be your work from home set-up, pet and child co-workers, screenshots of current work, that book you are super into right now, anything related to your work. Email us:

New Feature: Get Social!

Get Social is another easy option!  Do you or your organization have a social media account (or several)? Do you know of a great social media account folks in our field would be interested in? Let us know the particulars and we will share it in the newsletter so others can find, follow, learn, and connect! Email us: