NWA Mentoring Program

Are you looking for someone with whom you can discuss professional issues or concerns?

Perhaps you are new to the profession, have started a new job, or have new duties or responsibilities in your current position and would like to confer with a more experienced archivist.

Are you an experienced archivist that would like to share your expertise and wisdom?

Then the Northwest Archivists (NWA) Mentoring Program is for you.  Mentoring is a developmental relationship in which a more experienced person provides support and guidance to a less experienced person. For example, an archivist with multiple years of professional experience could serve as a mentor to someone in their first archival job, or a person with specific skills (website development, film preservation, staff supervision, etc.) could mentor someone taking on new responsibilities or seeking to improve their abilities. A protégé (or mentee) might be someone wishing to expand his or her understanding of some aspect of the profession, or wanting an opportunity to bounce ideas off a colleague with more experience in a particular area.

You are welcome to apply as a protégé or mentor at any time.  There is no application deadline.  More detailed Information about mentoring, the NWA Mentoring Program, and applications for mentors and protégés are available at:  http://weblib.lib.umt.edu/faculty/mccrea/NWAMentoring.htm

Questions about the program can be directed to Elizabeth Nielsen (elizabeth.nielsen@oregonstate.edu; 541.737.0543) or Donna McCrea (donna.mccrea@umontana.edu; 406.243.4403).  We look forward to talking with you!

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