Call for Seattle Area Archivists Steering Committee Nominations

It’s that time of the year again!  Two positions on the Seattle Area Archivists Steering Committee are opening up and we need your recommendations for nominees.  Do you want to run or do you want to nominate someone else?  Serving on the board is a great opportunity to network and meet others in our community.  Also, it gives members the chance to help determine the direction of the organization and build programs of interest.  Plus, it looks great on your resume!

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee include organizing 3 programs, attending board meetings, putting out our newsletter, and other organizational tasks.  Board members serve for two years.  You must be a member of Seattle Area Archivists to run.  Elections will take place by mail and results will be announced at the final meeting of the year to be held in June.

Please send nominations to by Friday, April 16th.

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