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Hello Seattle Area Archivists,

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer in Seattle! Please check out the following for some SeaAA news and information.

SAA 2016
Those of you who recently attended Society of America Archivists annual meeting in Atlanta, we hope it was a fun, educational and engaging experience. The SeaAA Steering Committee would love to hear about your experiences at the conference! If you have any stories, session recaps, resources or links or anything else you’d like to share that you discovered at the conference, please share it with us! Please send to

Fall/Winter Workshops
The SeaAA Steering Committee would also like to hear from you about your ideas, suggestions and requests for our planned series of workshops this fall and winter. If you missed our last meeting at SAM or our last happy hour, we plan to host a series of three casual workshops for our members starting this fall on topics that are of general interest to the entire group – which is why we need your help! After some previous discussions with members, it was agreed that at least one of the sessions will be devoted to a community discussion/forum on ArchivesSpace. We would like to have a panel of those already using ArchivesSpace to discuss how their transitions from Archivists’ Toolkit or Archon went, the migration process, any challenges, tricks, etc. that they have discovered in the process and through discussions with the group, help answer questions from those institutions that are just beginning their transition process and problem solve with those facing any challenges with the program.

We would like to plan for two other workshops to go along with the ArchivesSpace forum and we want to hear from you! Other ideas brought up by our members included a discussion on what digital and online platforms various institutions are using around the area, what digital initiatives they are working on and how other institutions can learn from what they are doing and potentially having a “hands-on” workshop, where we learn to make or repair something. We’d love to hear what you think about those ideas and any others you have. Maybe you have a challenging processing task and you want to discuss with others about how they tackled similar projects? Or you’d like training on specific software? Or you’d like to learn how to build custom enclosures? Please let us know at

Annual Treasurer’s Report
The annual treasurer’s report for 2015-2016 is available for your review: Seattle Area Archivists Financial Report 2015-2016. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the report, please email Amy Heidrick at

SeaAA Newsletter
Sound Archivist is on hiatus for the summer, but please continue to send us your articles, recent happenings, new hires and any other ideas you have for the newsletter to to include in the fall edition!

DAS Workshop
A reminder: SAA and Seattle Area Archivists are co-hosting DAS (Digital Archives Specialist) course #1727, Appraisal of Electronic Records, at the Seattle Municipal Tower on Friday, October 21 and Seattle Area Archivists is offering a $25 discount on registration! If you register, please contact us at for reimbursement information
For more information or to register, visit

SeaAA Happy Hour Reminder
Our next is happy hour is Monday, September 12, 6 PM at the District Lounge in the Hotel Deca in the U-District. Hope to see you all there!


Seattle Area Archivists Steering Committee

Amy Heidrick

Jeff Winter

Odette Allen

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