Special Call to Action – National Archives Facility in Seattle

We were all surprised when we learned of the plan to close the National Archives facility in Seattle. Here are an update and information on how you can help.

In the weeks ahead, Attorney General Ferguson intends to file a lawsuit to stop the sale of the property.  He invites you or your organization to join as a plaintiff in this case. This will mean that you are a part of the lawsuit.  You can expect to sign a document called a common interest agreement and share a few words describing your organization and how you use the records at the Archives, and how you would be impacted if you could no longer access the records.
What they are asking for is a brief description of how you use the Archives. Here is a template to use for your paragraph.
Plaintiff [organization name] is [provide a brief description of the organization, including its mission/purpose]. [Description of the organization’s membership, connection to the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, and/or any other relevant details]. [Generally, describe your organization’s use of the National Archives at Seattle including any particular types of records that are important to and/or used by your organization]. [Explain why having access to these records is important to the organization and its mission].
If possible, please let Alice Stenstrom, alice.stenstrom@mohai.org, know ASAP if you will be providing a letter of support. The letter itself will be needed next week, in early January. More information will be provided if you agree to support this effort.
Thank you for considering helping keep important regional records in Seattle.
Alice Stenstrom
AKCHO President