Gates Archive Internship

The Gates Archive seeks an intern to gain experience working with archival materials. This opportunity is designed for an intern to work with archivists to acquire the skills essential for professional practice while contributing to the work of the organization. This is a full-time, paid internship that will be five months in length, scheduled to begin in June 2019. The intern will have the opportunity to complete a bounded project and gain experience working in all archive services program areas, as well as with archive technology solutions.

Deadline for applications: Review of applications will begin on May 13, 2019.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but preference will be given to applications received by the date the review begins.

To apply submit a résumé and cover letter to

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Job Alert: Archivist at the Tacoma Community College

This part-time position is responsible to develop and maintain the College Archive for Tacoma Community College. The position will collect, process, promote, and provide access to the College’s archival resources. Responsible for reference and instructional services related to the Archive. This position works collaboratively with Library faculty, staff, work study students and volunteers. The position reports to the Library Director.


Survey Call: The Value of Archivists in the NW

This survey is for archivists, those in roles adjacent to archivists (librarians, records managers, curators, etc.), those who have left the profession, and those who are new and trying to enter the profession. This survey is estimated to take 15 minutes and is composed mostly of multiple choice or check boxes.

Survey Link: closes April 30th

Background: Rachael Woody and Max Johnson are working on a multi-year project to determine the value of archivists in the Pacific Northwest. The team has gathered job description data from the last five-years, combed through related survey data, and conducted a literature review.

Two issues have been identified from this work:

  1. The Pacific NW as a whole is under-represented in surveys and literature; and
  2. There is indication that a devaluation is occurring in the field with stagnant salaries, lack of mid-career jobs, and the addition of responsibilities without commensurate pay.

Action: In order to understand the devaluation of the archivist more information must be gathered. Please help us understand this issue by filling out this survey. The results are confidential and the questions are constructed so that participants can identify to the level of detail they feel comfortable. You’ll also notice we don’t ask you to identify your state in order to help anonymize your response. Information from this survey will be added to existing data.

Next Steps: The team will collate the findings, publish articles, and deliver presentations (expected in 2020).

Program and Archives Manager

Rainier Valley Historical Society, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in Columbia City, is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Program and Archives Manager. In collaboration with the board of directors, the manager oversees the execution of all programs and events for members, donors, and the public and oversees the management of the archives with the collections care team and volunteers.

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