Records Management

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General Resources

Agency Record Keeping Requirements: a Management GuidelineNational Archives & Records Administration, Management Guide Series, 1995.

Archival and records management legislation and regulations. Eric Ketelaar, UNESCO RAMP study.

ARMA International (Association of Records Managers and Administrators)

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Washington State Archives – Records Management. For state and local government agencies.

Electronic Records Management

Checklist for Records Management and the Cloud. National Archives of Australia, 2011.

Creating an Electronic Filing Structure: A Guidance. Joanne Weins, TAB, 2008.

Decommissioning Websites. Australian Government,  Department of Finance and Administration, 2010.

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Sedona Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines & Commentary for Managing Information & Records in the Electronic Age. Sedona Conference, 2007.

Legal Considerations

Commentary on ESI Evidence and Admissibility. Sedona Conference, 2008.

Commonly Used Terms for E-Discovery and Digital Information Management. The Sedona Conference Glossary.

Compliance: Records Management and the Law. Barbara E. Nye, ICTUS Consulting, 2008.

Database Principles Addressing the Preservation and Production of Databases and Database Information in Civil Litigation. Sedona Conference, 2011.

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E-Discovery Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Federal Rules of Evidence. Linda Volonino and Ian Redpath.

Electronic Discovery Law blog: legal issues, news, and best practices related to the discovery or electronically stored information. K&L Gates.

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The Sedona Conference Commentary on Legal Holds: The Trigger and the Process

The Sedona Principles: Best Practices, Recommendations, and Principles for Addressing Electronic Document Production. Sedona Conference, 2004.

What is a Legal Hold? Legal holds and trigger events.

What is Electronic Discovery? ARMA International.