Living Computers: Preservation Week

Living Computers is gearing up for Preservation Week this April, and wants you to join them for their 3-day event, PreserveIT! 2018: Analog vs. Digital.

Over the last few decades, the industry standard for preservation has been digitization. The hope was that digitizing data and images was the best way to safeguard materials for long-term storage and efficient retrieval. While many benefits remain, we also know now that digital storage can be precarious and unreliable. How does this compare to the inevitable physical degradation of objects? And at the end of the day, how do you determine which method has the best chance of keeping your collection safer for longer?

Join Living Computers as they deconstruct each side of this debate and discover insider tips on how museums and archival institutions are solving this evolving challenge. From speakers to interactive demos, activities, & more, they’re taking you through the discussion with behind-the-scenes access and hands-on experiences.

 Kick-Off Keynote: The Long Goodbye – Jason Scott (Internet Archive)
 Happy Hour with Appetizers & Drinks (21+)

FRIDAY (11am-3pm, $16)
• Considering Strategies for Time-Based Media – Elizabeth Brown (Seattle Art Museum)
• Ephemeral & Fragile: Keeping Photos Meaningful – Meaghan Kahlo (Ephemera Photo Organizing)
• Before Desktop Publishing: The Democratization of Typesetting – Briar Levit (PSU, Director of Graphic Means)

SATURDAY (11am-3pm, $16)
 Preserving Vintage Computers & Software – Cynde Moya (Living Computers: Museum + Labs)
 Physical Media in the Digital Age – Rachel Price (MIPoPs), Kate Barr & Woods Fairbanks (Scarecrow Video)
• Enigma Machine Demonstration – Lath Carlson (Living Computers: Museum + Labs)
• H-100 Computer System Cart Demo – Jeff Jones (Helix Microsystems)
• Paper Enigma Cart Activity – Connie Wohlford (University of Washington)
• Rapid Simple Circuits Cart Demo – Nina Arens (Living Computers: Museum + Labs)

 Image Scanning with Metadata (Morning + Afternoon Sessions)
• E-Waste Recycling Drive (Saturday, April 21 – Saturday, April 28)
 Vendor Booths + Tables in the Lounge
 Full Museum Access

Interested? Visit for tickets and details!