REMINDER: Steering Committee Nominations Close Friday, April 30

Don’t forget to nominate yourself or another for a position on the 2021-2023 SeaAA Steering Committee. Nominations close Friday, April 30.

 All 5 positions are up for election right now:

– Chair
– Vice-Chair
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– Member-at-Large

This really means if you have ideas on how SeArch could be improved now is the time to shape it into what you really want. The current committee will remain available along the way to answer questions or to give advice. Whatever you need to make SeArch great going into a post-pandemic world we’re here to help. But we need more nominations; we need you and your brilliant minds!

To nominate yourself or another, please email us your name, a brief bio, and if you like, a beautiful selfie. It’s a great opportunity and really is a lot of fun. As always, let us know if you have any questions, and we hope to see your names on the ballot soon!