Spring Sound Archivist is here!

The Spring Sound Archivist arrives with new articles on Professionalization, Puritanism, and Privilege. How do we, as Archivists, want our profession to develop and to be recognized? How do we interpret and present the materials in our collections to reveal both prominent and nuanced patterns of our cultural past, and inspire a more inclusive future? Read on! Sound Archivist, Spring 2016

The first Sound Archivist for 2016 is now available!

Sound Archivist starts 2016 with a timely topic for today’s social and political climate – racism. Our two feature articles are “Trump and Racist Hysteria”, by Caitlin Oiye, and “Racism and Records Retention”, by Joshua Zimmerman. They describe examples of how Archives and Records Management can record, remind, and raise awareness of how racism has historically affected, and continues to affect America. Please read and consider.
Other archival news and events in this issue include King County Archives’ new collection search site, the reopening of Tacoma Community College’s Archives, and a request for nominations for this year’s Steering Committee Officer election. Sound Archivist, Winter 2016

We hope you enjoy reading it!

Sound Archivist has returned!

The Fall 2015 issue of Sound Archivist has returned, just in time for the crisp days and cool nights of November.  This issue includes the results of our membership survey, and articles by Anne Frantilla about new accessions at the Seattle Municipal Archives, and about small archives in the Puget Sound region. So get a cup of tea and grab your i-Pad to start reading!
Sound Archivist, Fall 2015